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Aman Yap Choong Boon


Dua Space Dance Theatre Founder

/ Artistic Director

/ Principal Dancer

  • Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts major in dance

  • Ex-professional dancer of Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company and Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and GGD Dance Company in New York, USA

  • Has toured 25 countries and 62 cities around the world

  • Performed as the original cast of ‘Boy Story’, a renowned creation of Mr. Yuri Ng in 1996 and toured around the world. Its 2016 restage in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Kuala Lumpur created huge attention and discussion from the Asian performing art network

  • Co-founded Dua Space Dance Theatre with Anthony Meh Kim Chuan upon their return to Malaysia in 1998

  • Selected as one of the Ten Most Outstanding Male Choreographers in Malaysia by Istana Budaya in 2003

  • His dance piece ‘Leave Me Alone’ won The Best Choreographer Award and The Best Set Design Award in the 3rd BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in 2004

  • Invited by Theatre Du Pif from Hong Kong as a guest artist to perform in ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’ in 2006 and toured Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Berlin, and Columbia

  • His excellent performances in numerous major productions won great compliments from the audiences:

    • Played the male lead role of in Musical ‘Hang Li Po’ (2004), Dance Drama ‘The Legend of Hou Yi and Chang Er’ (2008), Chinese Musical Dance Epic ‘Anak Malaysia’ (2009), and Epic Musical ‘The Story of Lim Lian Geok’ (2011)

    • Principal Dancer in Full-length Contemporary Dance ‘TWO’ (1998), ‘Scream~A Response to Munch’ (2005), ‘Black & White @ VARIATION’ (2010), ‘TWO’ (2011), ‘Ancient Inscriptions’ (2013), ‘The Lotus Sutra: Harmonious Dance of Peace and Coexistence’ (2014), ‘The Tree’ (2015), ‘The Lotus Sutra II: Harmony in Coexistence’ (2019), Epic Musical ‘Rolling Thunder’ (2010) and Contemporary Dance Drama ‘DEN’ (2011)

  • His recent choreographies were widely performed in festivals all over the world:

    • ‘Black & White @ VARIATION’ was invited to perform in Philippines International Dance Festival 2011 (April 2011), Beijing Dance Festival 2012 (July 2012), Indian Alva’s Virasat National Cultural Festival (January 2013), Kuala Lumpur Tari’ 13 International Dance Festival (July 2013), Pangkor Island Festival (September 2013)

    • ‘Ancient Inscriptions’ was invited to perform in Kuala Lumpur Nartaka Festival (December 2012), Indian Alva’s Virasat Festival (January 2013), Pangkor Island Festival (September 2013)

    • ‘The Silent Bell’ was performed during Kuala Lumpur MyDance Festival 2013 (June 2013)

    • ‘MW~Men & Women Seeking For Love’ collaborated with local female choreographer Suhaili Micheline creating a double bill on the theme of ‘Love” (May 2015)

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