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Lim Hong Jie


Asst. Artistic Director

/ Choreographer

/ Senior Dancer

  • Joined Dua Space Dance Theatre on dance training on 2009.

  • Has toured __ countries and __ cities around the world

  • He holds the main cast for those performances:

    • Chinese Musical Dance Epic ‘Anak Malaysia’ (2009)

    • Epic Musical ‘The Story of Lim Lian Geok’ (2011)

    • ‘Black & White @ VARIATION’ (2010),

    • ‘Ancient Inscriptions’ (2013),

    • ‘The Lotus Sutra: Harmonious Dance of Peace and Coexistence’ (2014),

    • ‘The Tree’ (2015),

    • ‘The Lotus Sutra II: Harmony in Coexistence’ (2019),

    • Epic Musical ‘Rolling Thunder’ (2010)

    • Contemporary Dance Drama ‘DEN’ (2011)

    • The Malaysian Virtual Arts Festival Gerak Angin 'The Poems of Shading Leaves' (2020)

  • 2017-2019 Hold a post Head of Rehearsal Masters for Encore Melaka.

  • 2019 Started the project of Dua Space Dance Mapping which targets to create site-specific dance pieces for interesting places and venues, bringing dance performances into the community, and find connections with the site-related audience.

  • His latest community initiatives include Dua Space Community Arts Studio and Puchong Dance Network which focuses on developing the community into an art-concerning society.

  • He is now venturing into creative online dance productions to channel arts through digital platforms.:

    • Dua Space Dance@ONLINE Series 1 ‘...Exit’ (2020)

    • Dua Space Dance@ONLINE Series 2 ‘Into the Unknown’ (2020)

    • ‘Redefinition: A Visual Exploration of Space’ (2020)

    • Dua Space Dance@ONLINE Series 3 : MARCH"Dance of Fluorish", APRIL"DEN", MAY"Men & Women Are Seeking For Love", JUNE"The Tree"(2021)

    • "Sowing The Seeds of Art" Series : Paddy husk pile, Sekinchan ; Frog Hill, Tasek Gelugor ; Machang Bubok Cemetary & Church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pagar Tras ;  Putuo Village, Kulai (2021)

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