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【網上新視演 Dance@ONLINE】系列 Series 2

共享線上劇場 Dua Space Online Theatre

《迴 | Passage Into The Unknown》

【網上新視演 Dance@ONLINE】系列 Series 2


31/07/21, 4:00 pm


30/12/21, 4:00 pm



Art is essential for life!



As Covid-19 outbreak happens, the performing arts sector which sustains mainly on crowd gathering performances and interactions are severely impacted. We are bringing our performances online, and continue to deliver our latest dance creations to the public through our 【Dance@ONLINE】Project. 


共享空間也希望大家除了 Stay safe! Stary at home! 還要 Stay ARTISTIC!


舞蹈家 馬金泉 老師以大自然的四大元素【地】【水】【火】【風】創作了四個舞蹈篇章,並要邀請了著名攝影師 Kim Teoh 張榮欽 為舞蹈影片掌鏡。 

四位舞者—— 林弘捷、廖添益、徐家杏、李巧玲 聯合演出,還有4位本地新生代的作曲家—— 唐勇豪(覺奏感)、陳俊傑(靈魂震動)、陳健生 與 楊浩原 為各個篇章創作音樂。 

Human is always little while standing in front of nature. 

But what can we learn from it and move on to this passage into the unknown? 

Anthony Meh created 4 dance chapters based on 4 elements of nature 【Earth】【Water】【Fire】【Wind】 filmed by renowned photographer Kim Teoh. Don's miss these dance videos presenting dancers Lim HongJie, Kenny Leow, Chee KarHung, JoelleLee, dancing to original music composed by Thong YoongHow (FrythmS Percussion), Cross Chin (Souls Impact Performing Art), Jenshen Tan & Howz. 

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【網上新視演 Dance@Online】Series 2



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