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Re:定义 Redefinition


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Re:定义 Redefinition


16/10/20, 4:00 pm



行动管制下的10月 共享新舞蹈影片

Brand new dance video in October 2020 MCO period

10月17日起 線上放映 Screening Online from 17 October onward

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Re:定義 | 空間的視覺探索 

 Redefinition: A Visual Exploration of Space



如此熟悉的空間 以燈光與舞蹈 實驗各種創意視覺

重新定義 空間與我們的交集

舞蹈 :

1- 【空間的日常】

日常 是我們與空間的親密關係

2- 【親愛的自己】

我們往往都不知道 最親愛的自己是誰

3- 【米青與衣申】

身體的分割 | 精神的隔離

4- 【歸依】

寂靜之處 唯有自己


5- 【困束】

在霓虹的世界窗下 被困住的

兩個身體 兩個魂

6- 【出口】

何處 是到不了的出口

As a dance company, we spend many time rehearsing and doing our daily routines and chores in the company spaces especially in the studio, and also various spots within the compound, such as the corridor, staircase, office and other places. Based on that familiarity , we are keen to experiment the possibilities of exploring the common space that we live in daily into creative visuals with the use of lighting and creating dance sequences based on the selected spots, in the idea of​​ redefining the space by relating them to certain themes.

Dance Sequence:

1- 【Space: An Introduction】

Daily life

Our intimate relationship with space

2- 【Reflection】

We seldom know

Our dearest self

3- 【Isolation】

A physical separation| A mental isolation

4- 【Reliance】

A place of silence | A place of self-reliance

5- 【Two Trapped Souls】

Two bodies | Two souls

Trapped under the window light

6- 【Escape】

Where? Our escape.

2000 《呐喊-舞与孟克的相约》.jpg

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