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<Dancing Lotus> Dance Photos Exhibition【舞动莲华】剧照展

Dua Space Dance@ONLINE

<Dancing Lotus> Dance Photos Exhibition【舞动莲华】剧照展


Date and time


Date and time


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Through the exhibition of dance photos, props and costumes from 'The Lotus Sutra' & 'Heaven. Earth. Mankind',  we will disclose to you how choreographer Anthony Meh created 2 different stage performances from the inspiration of the scripture of 'Lotus Sutra'.



* The guided tour is inclusive of a small workshop for visitors to experience how dancers dance with the props from the performance.

* 导览结束,我们也准备了一堂小小的工作坊,让朋友们体验舞者投入于作品演绎中使用舞蹈道具的感受。

Exhibition Tour Details 实体导览活动细节:

【Date 日期】 14/1 - 23/1/2022

【Time 时间】 Monday to Friday | 8pm(Chinese 中文导览)

                          Saturday | 6pm(Chinese 中文解说);8pm(English 英文解说)

                          Sunday   | 6pm(English 英文解说);8pm(Chinese 中文解说)

                          * Visit by appointment only  实体活动采预约制

【Venue 地点】 Dua Space Dance Theatre 共享空间舞团

                            2B, Jalan Kenari 11, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Selangor.

Condition of Entry 展览现场备注 :

* Each session can accommodate 10 - 15 participants. Online pre-registration is required. 


* Only fully vaccinated participants are permitted. 


* Permitted health status upon entry.


* SOP applied during exhibition. Wearing mask is mandatory. 


* Venue is sanitized after each tour session for safety. 


💖 Contact | 联络 【Hotline】 +6018-207 1005 |

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