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《大树成林 | The Tree》

Online Theatre

【網上新視演 Dance@ONLINE Series 3】

《大树成林 | The Tree》


21/05/21, 4:00 pm


30/12/21, 4:00 pm


本土多元文化的祝福 《大樹成林 The Tree》

A dance to cherish local diversity of nature and cultures premiered in 2015



多年在這片國土耕耘舞蹈的兩位老師,每每談及心路歷程,都說猶如“在石灰地上種花”,十年如一日地不斷播種、灌溉。兩人深切地感受到時間是對“夢想”晨曦的照耀,而“相信”是在每一次挫折與困難中激發種子的發芽,鍥而不舍,繼續耕耘。 2015年,《大樹成林》在國家劇場Istana Budaya演出,兩人心想:“把夢想說出來,用一個舞臺作品寫下這片國土的故事,以及給一同築夢的人們,許下一個未來可以”大樹成林“的心願。”

In 1998, choreographers Anthony Meh and Aman Yap returned to Malaysia from New York, the melting pot of world culture and art. They felt that the cultural and natural diversity of their homeland is truly unique. Cultures and arts of different races are influencing and learning from each other, giving birth to a spectrum of synergistic perspectives which deliver brand new ideas.

For all these years, Anthony and Aman have been promoting dance in Malaysia despite all the difficulties and their 【Dreams】 of seeing the full blossom of local performing art forms their core 【Believes】 that supported their persistence. In 2015, Dua Space premiered 《The Tree》 at Istana Budaya. Both of them wished to describe their dream through dance, depicting the natural diversity of our country, celebrating the cultural richness of our motherland.

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大树成林 | The Tree



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