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大马一家亲赈灾义演 Malaysia Bersatu Hati Flood Relief Performance

Dua Space Dance Theatre

大马一家亲赈灾义演 Malaysia Bersatu Hati Flood Relief Performance


07/01/22, 4:00 pm


14/01/22, 4:00 pm


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3合1 募款 + 徵集物資 + 召集義工

“MALAYSIA BERSATU HATI” Flood Relief Campaign

3 in 1 Fundraising + Donate Necessities + Call for Volunteers

水灾无情 ‧ 人间有爱



号召会员、企业家与大众 有钱出钱,有力出力


The flood is ruthless but there is love in the world.

The Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC) and the Dewan Perdagangan Islamic Malaysia (DPIM) join force together with enterprises, performers and non-government organisations to launch the “Malaysia Bersatu Hati” Flood Relief Campaign to help the flood victims.

Calling on members, entrepreneurs and the public hand-in-hand to spread love, please show your support with: Donate Fund, Donate Necessities, Volunteer Registration

联办单位 Co-organised by

- 马中总商会 Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce(MCCC)

- 大马伊斯兰商会 Dewan Perdagangan Islam Malaysia(DPIM)

合作单位 Strategic Partners

- AWQAF Holdings Berhad

- 马来西亚青年运动 Young Malaysians Movement(YMM)

- 共享空间专业舞团 Dua Space Dance Theatre

捐款资讯 Donation Info

Bank Account Name:

Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce

Bank Account No: 1065 8001 3314 (Affin Bank)

Contact: MCCC 03-9223 1188 / 012-910 1548

Bank Account Name:

Dewan Perdagangan Islam Malaysia

Bank Account No: 1401 0006 453710 (Muamalat Bank)

Contact: DPIM 03-7832 6644 / 017-212 5077

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