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大馬薪傳 線上放映 Anak Malaysia Online Screening


大馬薪傳 線上放映 Anak Malaysia Online Screening


31/07/20, 4:00 pm



共享國慶2020巨獻 Celebrating National Day

華族史詩音樂舞蹈劇《大馬薪傳 Anak Malaysia》

8月1日起 線上放映 Screening Online from 1 August onward  


=== 關於《大马薪传》About 'Anak Malaysia' ===





’Anak Malaysia‘ tells the story of how the ancestors of Malaysian Chinese came and built their homes in this nation, depicting the emotions and history of the Chinese community rooting on this land. The production presents the harmonious scenery of all races living here in Malaysia on stage, promoting social integrity, and delivering blessings to our country. 


The story is set in the 19th Century when Chinese people had to leave their homeland due to the poor conditions of China. Among them, the eldest son of Yap family, Choong Boon leading his younger siblings, Xiao Boon, Ren Boon, and Ai Boon, together with their adopted little chamberlain, Fuh Hoong, trying their luck to seek for living in Nanyang. Elders of the Kong family handed their children, Suk Yee and Thiam Aik to the care of Choon Boon. On the same voyage, there were Chen Jiunn Yee, Loke Nian San, and Liu Vui Ngee. Before departure, parents of the Yap family gave each of their children a handmade brocade bag embroidered with their surnames, hoping their children would be safe together in the future. Soon, the boat departed and sailed into its uncertain voyage...

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