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Online Theatre

【網上新視演 Dance@ONLINE Series 3】

【網上新視演 Dance@ONLINE Series 3】
【網上新視演 Dance@ONLINE Series 3】


Time is TBD

Online Theatre




Dua Space continues to share dance online in 2021

【網上新視演】Series 3,舞團精選4部作品,通過我們網站的線上劇場與您分享,在我們還不能夠回到劇場相聚的時候,繼續以舞蹈陪伴大家,讓藝術住進你的生活。希望大家除了 Stay safe! Stay at home! 還要 Stay artistic!

We are screening 4 dance productions in our 【Dance@ONLINE Series 3】 Program. Since we are unable to perform for you in the theatre, we invite you to enjoy our dance online, hoping to accompany you during this pandemic time while you stay safe, stay at home, and stay artistic!

--- 節目表 Program --- 

成團首作 《動態張力 Dance of Flourish》

Dua Space's 1st Full-Time Company Production premiered in 2003

創意造型 《巢穴 DEN》

A Collaboration with Creative Makeup Artist premiered in 2011

愛的路上 《男左女右 Men & Women Seeking For Love》

Creations on Love by Aman Yap and Suhaili Micheline premiered in 2015

本土多元 《大樹成林 The Tree》

A dance to celebrate local diversity of nature and cultures premiered in 2015

---  播放日期 Screening Date ---

所有舞蹈影片將保留在線上播放至【31 Dec 2021】。如有延後,我們將令行通知更改日期。


All dance videos will be available online until 【31 Dec 2021】 or further notice. You may replay and enjoy our dance unlimited times within the screening date. Hope you enjoy our dance!


  • 【網上新視演 Dance@ONLINE Series 3】

    4 in 1 Promo

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