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Dance of Flourish


Both founders of Dua Space Dance Theatre, Mr Anthony & Mr Aman returned to Malaysia in 1998 and founded the company. After 5 years, they recruited the company's first batch of full-time dancers in 2003 and produced <Dance of Flourish>, premiered at The Actors Studio of Bangsar.

Dancers dance to exert their flourishing energy, and therefore, the production was named <Dance of Flourish>, consisting of 4 dance pieces, <Titled. Untitled>, <Mr & Miss Right?>, <Flow> and <Cloud On A Wheelchair>. All four pieces were created on different themes and forms, and to certain extend, they rolled out a model for the company's future creative direction. 

It was 18 years ago and those who witnessed the performance are parents now. Company senior dancer and Asst. Artistic Director, Kenny Leow restaged Mr Aman's solo <Flow> in DanceBox Festival organized by MyDance Alliance in 2019. In the same year, company restaged <Cloud On A Wheelchair> in TEDxPetalingStreet and Tari International Dance Festival. Since then, we have a thought to present the our old dance productions to the current dance society, sharing our creations 18 years ago with the audience. 

Since we created an Online Theatre for 【Dua Space Dance@ONLINE】Project in 2020, we are hoping to share our past creations through this new digital platform.

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